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1898 Meusel & Gerling, the root of Ernst Westphal is founded in Hamburg
1904 Walter König acquires Meusel & Gerling, Relocation to Neuer Wall 59 in Hamburg
1938 Meusel & Gerling is taken over by Ernst Westphal
1942 A severe bomb impact destroys most of the precious stock
1944 Another bomb attack applies heavy damages, Reopening at the end of war at Neuer Wall 57
1954 Claus Westphal starts his career in the family business
1965 Claus Westphal becomes President of the company
1975 Relocation to Altstädter Twiete
2001 Jürgen Marquadt acquires the traditional company
2006 Moving to the present adress at Nagelsweg 28, Thomas Krim enters as co-owner
1939 Meusel & Gerling is renamed to Ernst Westphal and becomes the biggest material house in Northern Germany
1955 The company with more than twenty employees moves into more approbiate office space for its fast growing business
2008 One-hundred-ten years of Ernst Westphal, Thomas Krim becomes sole owner of the company and leads it into future..