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Queridos clientes,
a pesar de la crisis de la corona, estamos a su entera disposición. Sus pedidos son enviados por nosotros de forma fiable y a tiempo,
como puede esperar de nuestra empresa y están acostumbrados. Debido a la situación, puede haber retrasos en el tránsito.

You are seeking for an obsolete or rare spare part for a watch or clock movement or case parts for a precious watch - and the only answer you've received was "Sorry, unavailable..."?

Within our global network of specialists, watch suppliers, watchmakers and collectors we've succeeded in obtaining rare or discontinued parts in more than 95% of all cases.
You posess a valuable watch or clock which you'd like to be repaired, but your traditional watchmaker cannot fix it due to lack of parts or insufficient experience?

Among our outstanding parts services we are connected to a global network of specialists and have often been able to manage experienced and highly skilled repair jobs.

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